Evolve the way you invest in crypto.

Invest in curated crypto baskets managed by a fund manager with an AUM of $1+ Billion

Why crypto & web 3.0?

The crypto asset management industry is expected to grow at a phenomenal rate of 42% annually over the next five years. The current market cap of the entire ecosystem is less than $1 trillion and is expected to be roughly $4 trillion by the end of 2025.

With the crypto asset class steadily maturing, there can be no better time to build a diversified investment portfolio through cryptocurrency investing than now.

Making small periodic investments can raise the final value of your portfolio by more than 1.5X.

What are crypto baskets?

Think of different cryptocurrencies grouped into one single basket! We decided to create baskets containing multiple cryptos built around similar parameters. For example, if an investor feels bullish about the web3 sector, she can invest in the best web3 tokens in just one click.

The problem we are trying to solve: Investors do not have to feel lost in the plethora of choices. A dedicated research team curates each crypto basket to capture the best of the projects.

The rationale: Besides providing flexibility and peace of mind to investors, crypto baskets serve as diversification within this asset class. It reduces the volatility which could have affected your portfolio in case of reliance on any single cryptocurrency.

Why Should Investors Invest through Neon?

Superior market returns in all conditions

  • Strategic rebalancing helps build risk-adjusted returns over the long term
  • Deep tech-driven with a human touch keeps each crypto basket performing better
  • Managed by professionals

  • 10+ institutional fund managers
  • Each basket is curated after solid research
  • Invest in strategies that were only available to Ultra wealthy
  • Earn1% intereston top of all your investment through Neon