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What does Neon stand for?

As a company, our vision is to build a launchpad for the everyday cryptocurrency enthusiast. We are witnessing retail investors adopting cryptocurrency as part of their portfolio. This paradigm shift in investing achieves two distinct things. First, it shows the trust in the potential of blockchain technology to transform modern finance. Moreover, it also helps any investor in the diversification of their portfolio.

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What is our objective?

We at Neon believe in bridging the gap between traditional investors and this new-age asset class. Our mission is to provide a platform that helps any investor to analyze and polish their skills to make informed decisions towards generating wealth in cryptocurrency.

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How do we plan to do it?

Neon puts all new-age crypto enthusiasts in the spotlight and in the shoes of an analyst. Our platform allows enthusiastic investors to analyze the live crypto market. Based on the analysis, every investor gets to share their take on the market. Every accurate analysis is rewarded in order to foster an informed approach toward investing.

The team at Neon understands that cryptocurrency investments are highly volatile. We believe every investor should have a level playing field, and we are committed to levelling that field for all investors.

Crypto is for everyone
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Crypto enthusiasts are actively predicting the market.

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Predicts Bitcoin remains the most analyzed cryptocurrency, followed by Ether.

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99% of the gamblers lose to 1% of the disciplined and patient investors. Be different from the herd.

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